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Apr 2014 For over 4 years now i have been leading Trance Dance and I continue to be inspired by the growing community that supports these incredible events. We are blessed to have the most amazing drummers, led by the incomparable Peter Dillon, who provide awesome rhythm and soul to the experience. Thank you to everyone who participates...and for those still thinking about it, NOW IS THE TIME!! Check out our new facebook page that will highlight all the upcoming events that are now all over Long Island, and beyond


...like James Brown said, "The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing..." see you on the trance floor.

Jan 2014 Beautiful intentions for the new year, i feel so blessed to be a part of such incredible communities at Absolute Yoga and Equinox, thank you all for all of your support. As i prepare for my monthlong journey to India, i bow to all of you, humbled to be a teacher, leading something i am so passionate about. I look forward to continuing to guide your practice, the week upon my return on february 16....keep your practice going, strong and steady and i cant wait to see you on the mat again soon! sending big love light peace, xo elyce

Dec 2013 Please join us for Trance Dance at Absolute Yoga. this has become an epic event, complete with amazing live drummers and the people that come together who inspire and empower each other. i am so blessed to have led this incredible experience for over 3 years on LI now, and our community of movers and shakers has grown immeasurably. this month we donate proceeds to Dylan's Wings of Change, a foundation that benefits children with autism and other special needs. come and move with us, make a change in the world through your participation, so simple, move and be moved, and we move the world in the process..... 

Nov 2013 The cold weather has arrived, and there is nothing better than beating the chill inside a warm and wonderful yoga studio. when i show up before sunrise at absolute yoga for sara intonato's mysore class weekday mornings, i feel like i am entering into a cocoon. it's dark and toasty and i literally snuggle onto my mat and savor my practice. whatever style of yoga you enjoy and whatever time of day you arrive, look at the space you come to as your sanctuary, the mat you practice on as your sacred space, the breath inside your body as holy elixir and notice the way it changes the feeling state you bring with you. join me for my juicy prana flow vinyasa classes at absolute yoga and equinox in woodbury and roslyn and let's enjoy the inner glow together. and dont miss trance dance this month on friday november 22 at absolute yoga, the ultimate way to tap into your inner light.
please check out www.longislandyogamag.com as i am a new contributing editor and my first pieces on the chakras and my fall cleanse are online now!

Sept 2013 If you did not get a chance to dance by the light of the Full Moon this month with us, you
will have another chance on Thursday, October 17...September's full harvest moon trance dance at Restoration Farm in Bethpage, was our biggest event yet: about 40 of us under the luminous moon, moved not only by the light, but by creative and awesome live drumming...dancers brought their own instruments too, as well as hula hoops and their incredible energy...we danced in the glow out in the field surrounded by crops of kale, chard and tomatoes, and dissolved into a collective meditation, after which we consciously enjoyed the sweetest golden cherry tomatoes. Donations from the evening benefited the Caroline and Dan Fanning's co-op farm at Restoration. Visit their farm stand on Wednesdays and Sundays for the best and freshest vegetables and herbs! Stay tuned for location and time for the next Full Moon Trance Dance event...it is an evening not to be missed!

July 2013The dog days of summer are here... what are you doing to stay cool? Finding ways to immerse yourself in water is essential, whether it's sipping or swimming, floating or flowing. But keeping cool is not just a physical thing, staying balanced on emotional and energetic levels are just as important and the practice of yoga always reminds us of that, and brings us back to calm, cool, collected places. It is especially in times of confusion, conflict, dissonance that we need to get on our mats, even if all we do is sit in sukhasana and breathe deep. I find that the days when i do not feel like practicing and do make it to the mat, are the most significant. It's when i get to see myself, crankiness and all, and work through those hard moments, sometimes with tears, and always emerge after savasana with a cooler and much clearer head, oftentimes with breakthroughs. Make that commitment to yourself and those around you to come to your practice on those hot-headed days, and see what emerges for you once you step off your mat...i'd love to hear your experiences, please email me at ewneu@optonline.net and share!
Think about joining me and Leslie Luft for the first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Absolute Yoga starting in September and Trance Dance at Absolute Yoga in Woodbury (August 16th). Visit www.absoluteyogastudio.com for details and join us Thursday, August 8 at 7pm for an informational session. Hope you got to read the May issue of Pulse Magazine with a feature on my Trance Dance events. If you missed it, visit http://www.lipulse.com/health-beauty/article/suburban-shamans/

Sending love light peace in all ways,
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